Stem cell hypothesis of aging postulates that youthful stem cells have better intrinsic ability to repair/regenerate after an injury. Consistent with this hypothesis, current report by Sharma et al observed nCPCs transplantation post-MI was associated with greater cell retention and functional benefit compared with aCPCs. Furthermore, a recent report using ckitBAC– EGFP (bacterial artificial chromosome-enhanced green fluorescent protein) mouse has shown substantial cardiac regeneration in the cryo-injured neonatal hearts, in part via contribution of c-kit+ CPC to cardiomyogenesis and angiogenesis. Thus, nCPCs mediated cardiac functional benefits in this study confirm a greater regenerative power of neonatal c-kit CPCs.

To circumvent aging-related stem cell dysfunction issues, this study also suggests transplantation of allogenic nCPCs, which may be a potential off-the-shelf cell-based agent for cardiac regeneration.

Venkata Naga Srikanth Garikipati, Raj Kishore

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